STIPULATIONS & COMPLICATIONS: Lone Star Book Blog Tour and Review

Genre: Cozy Mystery / Romance / Women Sleuths
Publisher: Clear Creek Publishing
Date of Publication: June 15, 2016
Number of Pages: 365

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S&C Book Cover

Life comes with stipulations.

If you want to fit into last year’s swimsuit, you can’t eat ice cream and a Gennydoodle cookie after every meal.

If you want to go to Heaven, you can’t raise Hell on Saturday night and show up in the church pew on Sunday morning, hungover and reeking of cheap perfume.

And if you want your hundred-year-old mansion completely updated and remodeled for free, you have to sacrifice.

Stipulations, my child.

–              Granny Bert Cessna

Now that Madison Reynolds has agreed to be part of a reality-television home remodeling show, she barely recognizes her own life. The show is an instant success, bringing cameras and reporters right to her doorstep, eager to chronicle her every move in the small Texas town.

With In a Pinch Temporary Services hovering on the thin line between prosperity and extinction, Madison takes on another quirky case, this one concerning a property dispute. Complications turn a simple mission into all-out danger, and once again Madison finds herself embroiled in an intriguing mystery.

Between her cantankerous grandmother, a moody teenage daughter, an ever-starving son, townspeople eager to grab their fifteen minutes of fame at her expense, and a mother-in-law appalled by her undignified foray into the public eye, Madison had her hands full, long before the skeleton was discovered. Now work is interrupted at the Big House, ghost stories abound, more secret passages have been unearthed, and someone is trying to scare her away from her new home.

What she needs is another session of Brash deCordova’s unique ‘river therapy’… not to mention the kiss that eludes them with frustrating regularity

What she gets is another round of stipulations and complications.

June 20-26, 2019


Four Stars
     It takes a gifted writer to create characters, a setting, and a story line that spans eight novels, and keeps the reader invested in each new book in the series. Author Becki Willis has done just that!
     The third book in the Texas Series – The Sisters, STIPULATIONS and Complications, uses elements of romance, mystery, and even the paranormal to continue the story of Madison (Maddy) Reynolds and a cast of homegrown characters that live in The Sisters (the twin small towns of Juliet and Naomi, Texas.)
     Maddy’s arrangement to finance the renovation of a 100 year old mansion has turned her life completely upside down. “It is out of control, under a microscope, and scrutinized by everyone.” There’s the television crew, the townspeople, and even her own children, all affecting her ability to make the right decisions.
     Romantically, she is attracted to the star of the popular television show Home Again, Nick Vilardi, but her feelings for her teenage crush Brash deCordova go much deeper. However, it’s only been a few months since the death of her husband. Should she act on her feelings? And, if so, how will that be perceived by the public, or more importantly her daughter Bethani, who adored her late father? Believing Brash to be the perfect man for her, she proceeds cautiously. But she also knows that… “Perfect never lasts. Perfect’s not real.”
     To complicate matters, Brash is the chief of police, who must now solve the mystery of a decomposed body found in the Big House. Who is it and was foul play involved? There are rumors of ghosts and disgruntled spirits haunting the old mansion, and it is apparent that something or someone doesn’t want its secrets revealed. How far are they willing to go to prevent their discovery?
     Maddy also has ongoing sleuthing of her own unrelated to the Big House. In a Pinch Temporary Services, the company she founded, currently has two ongoing inquiries.  Lisa Redmond has hired Maddy to find out if her husband is having an affair, while simultaneously she also is looking into an acrimonious property dispute between the Wynn and Adams families. The property in question is unusable, so why is there a contentious fight over ownership of the land?
     All of these plots and many more play out in Becki Willis’ engaging and entertaining book. In fact, STIPULATIONS and Complications could easily describe the challenges of writing an entry into an ongoing series like The Sisters. Not every author can pull it off!
     In many ways the book reminds me of the cinema matinees of years gone bye. They were always cliff-hangers inviting you… no, compelling you to return to find out what happens next. I certainly recommend that you acquaint yourself with Madison Reynolds and don’t just pick up a copy of The Sisters, STIPULATIONS and Complications. Read the entire series. What better way to while away to the summer or relax at the beach!
Becki Willis, best known for her popular The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series and Forgotten Boxes, always dreamed of being an author. In November of ’13, that dream became a reality. 
Since that time, she has published numerous books, won first place honors for Best Mystery Series, Best Suspense Fiction, Best Women’s Detective Fiction, and Best Audio Book, won the 2018 RONE Award for Paranormal Fiction, and has introduced her imaginary friends to readers around the world. 

An avid history buff, Becki likes to poke around in old places and learn about the past. Other addictions include reading, writing, junking, unraveling a good mystery, and coffee. She loves to travel but believes coming home to her family and her Texas ranch is the best part of any trip. Becki is a member of the Association of Texas Authors, Writer’s League of Texas, Sisters in Crime, the National Association of Professional Women, and the Brazos Writers organization. She attended Texas A&M University and majored in Journalism.

Connect with Becki below. She loves to hear from readers and encourages feedback!
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2nd Prize: $10 Amazon Gift Card

June 20-30, 2019

(U.S. Only)
Chicken Scratch, #1
When the Stars Fall, #2
Stipulations & Complications, #3
Home Again: Starting Over, #4
Genny’s Ballad, #5
Christmas in The Sisters, #6
The Lilac Code, #7
Wildflower Wedding, #8
Wildflower Wedding, #8
Wildflower Wedding, #8
Wildflower Wedding, #8
Wildflower Wedding, #8
Wildflower Wedding, #8
Wildflower Wedding, #8
Wildflower Wedding, #8
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Author: maxknight73

Retired Army Officer and Counterintelligence Specialist. Currently living in San Antonio, Texas with his wife Gray. Cancer survivor. Avid history buff and writer.

3 thoughts on “STIPULATIONS & COMPLICATIONS: Lone Star Book Blog Tour and Review”

  1. Great review! I jumped in on book 7 of this series, and it kept referencing the time when the Home Again show was happening. Reading your review makes me want to go back and start at the beginning.


  2. While each book can be read as a stand alone, I do recommend starting at the beginning. It gives you a better understanding of the dynamics between characters and situations. And yes, Max, summer is a great time to do so!

    Liked by 1 person

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