Stocking Stuffers

With Christmas just two days away, there are always last minute gifts that need to be bought, wrapped, and either placed under the tree or “hung from the chimney with care.” If you’re looking for something to fill that stocking besides a gift card, candy canes, or money, you might consider a good book.

Certainly, there are a variety of authors and genres to choose from, so you’ll need to consider the type of book or writer of choice for the reader in your family. Coincidentally, recent news articles and editorials have highlighted the themes or issues that I’ve written about in my books, so I’m offering them here for your consideration.

Completed Book CoverIn my first book, Silver Taps, I explore “the terrible effects of dementia and the dynamics of a family trying to understand and cope with Alzheimer’s disease.” It’s a very personal memoir honoring the memory of my father, but the theme is universal. The disease has been described by the World Health Organization as the most serious threat facing our aging population.

Palo Duro CoverAn article in today’s Express-News mentions a rare trove of photos of Native Americans dating from the 19th through the 20th centuries. These photos will be exhibited by the University of Michigan to embrace “accurate descriptions of subjects and the circumstances in which photos were taken.” My second book, Palo Duro, examines the conflict between the Southern Plains Indians and white settlers in the aftermath of the Civil War.

Published Book CoverLastly, the 1440 Daily Digest reported the arrest in Long Island, N.Y. yesterday of “nearly 100 members of the notorious MS-13 street gang on charges ranging from conspiracy to commit murder to gun and drug trafficking.” My latest book, Tarnished Brass, examines America’s involvement in El Salvador’s civil war and the legacy of that conflict some thirty years later including the origin, spread, and influence of Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13.)

I sincerely hope that one or all of these books will peak your interest. They are available at or other online retail stores.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Author: maxknight73

Retired Army Officer and Counterintelligence Specialist. Currently living in San Antonio, Texas with his wife Gray. Cancer survivor. Avid history buff and writer.

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